General Extrusion

Equipment Description Size Product Description
Spectratrim TPE to Rubber
Bonded Extrusion
Various Extrusion
Finishing Automatic Tape Machine Various Double Sided Tape Application
Finishing Tabbing Various Release Tab
Finishing ACIM Machines Various Cut to Length Process
Finishing Cold Splicing Various Profile Joining
Finishing Normec Splicing Various Profile Joining
Finishing Cropping Various Operation to support corner moulding
Finishing TPE Corner Joins Various Moulded Corners
Extrusion Wire Carrier Various As required to support wire carrier profiles
Extrusion Duplex Extrusion Various 2*Rubber Spec Profile
Extrusion Triples Extrusion Various 3*Rubber Spec Profile
Extrusion Coatings Various UV Coating in line extrusion process
Extrusion Online Thickness Detection Various Extrusion process quality control
Extrusion Plasma(for Durability) Various Extrusion pre painting process
Extrusion date coding Various As extrusion to print dat time and product
Extrusion Vent Hole Drilling Various As extrusion process to add vent holes