MEPL is one of the largest non-tyre related rubber mixing plant in Australia. It has extensive technical capabilities in the formulation and development of rubber compounds.

There are currently over 1900 formulations covering more than 15 polymer types

Product Examples

  • Custom mixing to specification
  • Orbitread tyre compounds
  • Rubber conveyor belting compounds
  • Automotive component compounds

Finished Compound

  • 40 mm – 600 mm width
  • 0.5mm – 20mm
  • Calendared to customer requirements

MEPL prepares high quality compound mix to suit a variety of customer requirements. This includes a vast range of existing compounds used in a limitless number of finished products.

MEPL prepares compound mix to customer specifications and provides highly competitive quotes. The company has a highly experienced technical department that can develop a cost effective compound to meet very specific requirements.

MEPL uses only high quality raw materials that are subjected to strict and extensive testing before being approved for use in the compounds. This helps reduce batch to batch variation and ensures consistent quality.

MEPL strives to deliver compound in a continuous size that best suits the customer and their processes.